Everybody Loves Methodists (and Jews, too)

Maybe those “Open Hearts, Open Minds Open Doors” television commercials are paying off. Only 4 percent of Americans say they have a negative view of Methodists. The same number say they hold negative views about Jews, a new Gallup poll finds.

Ten percent view Baptists negatively, 13 percent dislike Catholics, 23 percent have unfavorable views of evangelicals and 26 percent view Mormonism negatively. Atheists and Scientologists fare even worse…

To read the entire poll, click here.

Updated: April 15, 2008 — 11:32 am


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  1. You shouldn’t hate anybody, but you should stand up for what you believe in. The word of God is liked to a hammer, fire, a sword, as well as salt. If your full of God’s word, you are going to irritate people, Jesus promised we would be hated and shunned. The devil hates God, he’s going to do his best to keep his children blinded and in bondage. Before I got saved, I hated church, being around Christians, it wasn’t until I invited Christ in my heart as my personal Saviour, did I start loving the things I used to hate. I think we should strive not to intentionally hurt anyone, we shouldn’t be mean or calloused, but we also need to realize, we’re in spiritual warfare, and the world is our enemy not our friend.

  2. As for the Methodists, you’ve got to admire a denomination with enough breadth to hold both Hilary Clinton and GWBush.

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