More religion on the campaign trail…

Friday, April 18, 2008
By Frank Lockwood

John McCain issued a Passover statement today…

For Immediate Release
Contact: Press Office
Friday, April 18, 2008

ARLINGTON, VA — U.S. Senator John McCain today issued the following statement regarding Passover:

“At sundown tomorrow, families across this country and around the world will join together in celebrating the Exodus of their ancestors from bondage in Egypt. As families gather together for Seders, members of the Jewish faith reflect upon the painful sacrifices made by their ancestors, the joys of freedom, and the triumph of inherent goodness over evil. From our family, Cindy and I would like to extend our best wishes for a happy Passover. Chag Kasher V’Sameach.

“As Passover commences, we should also take a moment to reflect on several individuals who will celebrate this occasion, once again, in captivity. In summer 2006, Hamas and Hezbollah kidnapped three young Israelis — Gilad Shalit, Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser — and have held them ever since. When I met with the families of two of these men in December 2006, I heard firsthand about their difficulties. To go on without knowledge of these men’s whereabouts or physical condition is a terrible thing, and yet these families endure. I committed then to bring attention to this situation, to insist that the Geneva Conventions are observed, and to call for the swift release of these men. I remain committed to this effort and I hope the entire international community will do the same.”

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  1. Why do people go back to the Old Testament? This is the New Testament, there is no need to put the blood of lambs on the doorposts, Christ took care of that once and for all. I don’t get why Christians, of this era, try to make themselves biological Jews, which most are certainly not!

  2. Larry Levin

    Mike, the campaign statement quoted above says “Happy Passover” in the first paragraph and comments on current events in the second. I don’t know how this makes anyone “biological Jews”, whatever that means. Also, I’ve never known any Jew who puts “the blood of lambs on the doorposts” during Passover.

    As for people going “back to the Old Testament”, I assume that means you have no use for the Ten Commandments. So why do Christians keep wanting to put up displays of the Ten Commandments on public property? In all the litigation reported, I can’t remember ever seeing that it was a Jewish group promoting the Ten Commandments.

  3. Larry, a biological Jew to me, is someone that is a direct descendant of Abraham, which I clearly am not, being one quarter German, one quarter Cherokee Indian, and half Scot-Irish, I am definatly a Gentile biologically, however I believe because of Christ, any born again believer who has acceptede Christ in their heart as personal Saviour, they are an adopted Jew through Christ, makes no difference what race or nationality.
    As far as the first passover, you have to go back to Exodus 12.Verse 7’And they shall take of the blood, and strike it on the two side posts and on the upper door post of the houses, wherein they shall eat it.’ The children of Israel took the blood of a lamb and covered their doorposts, it made the form of a cross, until Christ was later crucified, the children of Israel took lambs to the high priest, where they would be killed and have the blood, sprinkled on the mercy seat, to cover the sins of the people, Christ did away with all that. He was the sacrificial lamb, he is our high priest, he is the veil between us, sinful man and Holy God, and he is our mercy, he became our all, no longer did lambs, and high priests were ever to be needed as they once were. Exodus 12:13 ‘And the blood shall be to you a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and the plague shall notbe upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt’ Today, when God sees the blood of Jesus upon his children, he ‘passes’ over us.

  4. peach

    Mike: I think you, as most Christians, confuse Passover and Easter. Passover is what Jesus himself observed. Passover is held in commemoration each year at the same time in the month of April. This is the real time of Jesus’s death-resurrection which is what a Christian should really observe.
    Easter is taken from a pagan holiday for fertility-hence the bunny and eggs which symbolize that rite. It is held of the first full moon after the first full weekend after the spring equinox-therefore, as in this past easter, it was held quite early and won’t be this early for several years to come. Check out the word easter on the internet-you may be surprised.

  5. Larry Levin

    Mike, I’m impressed that you can trace your family tree all the way back to the time of Abraham to know from whom you’re descended.

    Judaism and Christianity, however, are religions, not races. It doesn’t matter who your ancestors were, but what faith you choose. Your “biological Jew” comment sounds like something out of the Third Reich.

    Your mention of the blood of lambs on doorposts is completely irrelevant to a post on a 2008 campaign press release, since animal sacrifices have not been practiced in Judaism for quite a long time. Your problem seems to be with a non-Jew acknowledging Passover in making a simple holiday greeting.

  6. Larry Levin

    Mike, here’s some food for thought on the subject of your ancestors. If you go back one generation, you have two parents. Two generations, four grandparents. Three generations, eight great-grandparents. So how many ancestors would you have in the time of Jesus, not even going back to the time of Abraham?

    Let’s assume 25 years to a generation, going back 2,000 years. That’s eighty generations. So the answer is 2 to the 80th power. How much is that? I don’t have a calculator that will do that for me, but 2 to the 10th power is 1,024, and 2 to the 20th power would be 1,024 times 1,024, which is over one million. And 2 to the 30th power is over a billion. Of course, this assumes no inbreeding, but well before you get to 2 to the 80th power, you’ve run out of people. So, basically, your ancestors would include such a huge swath of humanity that it’s a virtual certainty that some of them were Jews. Hope that doesn’t ruin your day.

  7. All of us, go back to Adam and Eve, as far as tracing back the tree, to my knowledge, I have no Jewish linage, which if I did, no it wouldn’t bother me, besides, it’s not your biological birth that saves you, there are some that believe that, I don’t. It takes the new birth Larry, a spiritual birth, if I were one of those white power people, I would believe a certain race would get to heaven and another wouldn’t, I don’t believe like the aryans, but it still doesn’t change the fact I’m not a Jew, to my knowledge. John chapter 8, Jesus dealt with those aryan Jews of that day, enough said.

  8. Another thing, even if I am a biological Jew, in order not to sound like the ‘third reich’, assuming I am, this is still the New Testament, Jesus is all of salvation, period! No if’s, and’s, or buts! All the animal sacrifices they did in the Old Testament, are meaningless, read the book of Hebrews, especially chapter 9. I’m somewhat surprised at you Larry, I’m saying there is one way, one plan of salvation for all races and people, and you think I’m a Nazis, I don’t get it!? But if you want to get technical, the Old Testament was written to the Jews, after the death, burial, and resurection of Christ, the New Testament was for all people, Jew and Gentile alike. You race or nationality doesn’t save you, it’s Jesus.

  9. Larry Levin

    Mike, you started out talking about “biological Jews” and now you’re saying that “it’s not your biological birth that saves you.” So biology is either determinative or it isn’t; you have both bases covered. And if it isn’t, why are you even using a term like “biological Jews”?

    I still don’t understand why the McCain campaign, in issuing a holiday greeting, was trying “to make themselves biological Jews.” How would such a thing be possible? And how much Jewish blood is necessary to make someone a “biological Jew”, by the way?

    Also, you began with “Why do people go back to the Old Testament?”, and now you’re talking about Adam and Eve. You sound a little rattled.

    And the “aryan Jews” part is good.

  10. Arguing back and forth isn’t good Larry, so I’ll just leave it be, again, it’s the new birth in Christ, not our physical birth that saves. I would be an out and out racist if I did believe my being born to a certain tribe or branch saved me, and others different were damned. As far as the ‘aryan Jews’, that may of been a bit stupid, but that’s what these Pharisees believed, the Nazis didn’t have anything on them. Like I said, even if I were a direct descendant of Abraham, that’s physical, Christ is spiritual. Just so I don’t sound rattled as you say, it’s Christ, not Abraham or Adam that saves.

  11. Are you certain that the Pharisees didn’t simply get a bad rap in the Gospels? Acts 15:5 indicates that there were Christian Pharisees too, and Paul defends certain aspects of Pharisee doctrine over that of the Sadducees (Acts 23:6-8). On the other hand, though, Paul was the one who preached salvation by faith rather than the “faith by works” of James the Lord’s brother, and when you come right down to brass tacks, is there ANYTHING that can bring out the meanness in anybody quicker than the idea that salvation depends on specific propositional doctrinal statements you HAVE to believe in order for God to hear your prayers? That’s been the foundation for every single pogrom in history.

  12. John chapter 8, all of it, especially verses 37 and 44. This was the very words of Jesus. If salvation is by any other name or way besides Jesus, then what? I believe after the death, burial, and resurection of Christ, many converted to Christianity, but it costs them their life, Paul, before his conversion, was Saul of Tauras, he consented to the murder of Christian believers. Today, if your a Jew, it’s not very popular to become a Christian, many are kicked out of their synagouge, many have their family and friends turn their backs to them, it costs these people something, we’re somewhat sheltered here in the states.

  13. Call it a cop-out if you want, but I think I’ll just wait and let Larry field this one if he’s willin’.

  14. Larry Levin

    John, I’m somewhat confused by the “Saul of Tauras” reference. I have a niece who drives a Taurus, but I don’t know that anyone named Saul was involved in its manufacture. Of course, “taurus” in Latin means “bull”, which sort of fits Mike’s comments.

    Speaking of confusing, what about the Jew who becomes a Christian and keeps going to his synagogue until they tell him he’s in the wrong place? What’s up with that?

    I have to wonder if Mike knows any Jews or has ever been in a synagogue, or just gets his information from the Ron Paul campaign. He reminds me of stories a Baltimore attorney named Lenny Shapiro told me about his basic training in Tennessee in the late 1960’s. One fellow soldier, who had never seen a Jew before, asked Lenny in all innocence, “Lenny, is it true that Jews eat Christian babies?” Another time, the sergeant divided the troops into a shirts and skins exercise by putting the Catholics in one group and the Protestants in another. This left Lenny standing in the middle. The exasperated sergeant then exclaimed, “Shapiro, what the hell are you?”

  15. carol

    Saul/Paul was a Jew (Acts 22:3), a Roman citizen (Acts 22:25), a Pharisee (Phillippians 3:5) who was a self-supporting (1 Corinthians 9:13-15) tentmaker (Acts 18:3) converted Christian (Acts 9).

    Wonder where in line he would have stood?

  16. And, Carol, he was also related to the Herod family, since he states in Romans 16:11: “Salute Herodion (‘the littlest Herod’) my kinsman.” If then, this also would have made him a “Herodian” as described in Mark 3, how much would this have colored his writing? Oh and by the way, here’s a question for the Bible scholars hangin’ around: In all of Paul’s writings, how many times does he mention the Doctrine of the Virgin Birth?

  17. saul of tarsus, acts 9:11, as usual, as a matter of fact, i have never heard of any jews eating christian babies, but i know mel gibson wasn’t very popular with passion of the christ. and by the way, if i am wrong on jews accepting christ, then please let me know, i would love to share their vast acceptance of christ.

  18. Let me say this once and for all, the blood of Christ was for all mankind, regardless of race, religion or color, I’ve always believed that. I do apologize to anyone if I sounded anti-Semitic, but the fact remains, Christ is the only way of salvation, there is no other way, other than the cross, no other name, I am far from being a one world order person, but I do believe in the one and only way for all people, and that’s Jesus Christ.
    America is my home, for better or worse, I do love my country, but I hate the hypocrisy, the double-standard, the streotyping. Any time you hear of bigotry or racism, they have this sterotype of some southern white boy with a chew in his mouth the size of a grapefruit, but if you get down to the bare facts, there is just as much prejudice and bigotry in the city by minorities and others as there are the country boys. I said as much, not necessarily more, but as much. I’ve seen and heard just as many ugly remarks from the urban crowd as I have my crowd.

  19. carol

    M.Huffman: If you start reading Acts chapter 1 verse 22, you will read how the newly appointed ‘apostles’ decided amongst themselves to elect someone to take the position of Judas. They thought it important to select someone who not only witnessed Jesus resurrection, but also his baptism (Paul, to my knowledge-and I may be wrong- was not a witness to either the resurrection or Jesus’ baptism).
    We all know that just because man wants something, God may have other ideas-as in the case of Jesus choosing Paul instead of Matthias. The disciples were not to happy with the choice either.
    Verse 25: the new apostles were here trying to soften the blow so to speak about Judas death and subsequent whereabouts in the afterlife. While most assume to his outcome, we are judging, for we do not really know what was in his heart those last few minutes on earth. Only God can sever the body, spirit, and soul of a man.(Hebrews 4:12). No matter what we think, God is in control of who he will allow into His heaven-if He wants to include or exclude Judas-that is HIS choice.
    Finally; the Bible speaks of the death of Judas, to believe that he would return as the Antichrist would Be to believe in reincarnation. The Bible simply does not concede to a second chance after death. A soul only has one chance at this life to get it right the first time.


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