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  1. If your recent rash of stories are true, God seems quite active these days in the area of saving people from wild animals. While the Bible suggests that God has always done a big business in that area, I suppose it would be gauche to recall that Daniel got out of the lions’ den with all his limbs intact.

  2. Lord, forgive me, but I have to recast the old saying. Some people see the body as partially lost, while others see it as mostly kept intact.

    It always seems odd to me when this kind of miracle gets such play. And it’s so easy to ask what’s miraculous about losing an arm when this story could have played out in so many ways with a much happier conclusion. Miracles are everywhere, waiting to be discovered and appreciated, some them hugely significant and beautiful.

  3. When it’s your time, your going to go, I don’t believe in tempting the Lord, but I also believe our death date is just as settled as our death date, Hebrews 9:27.

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