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  1. Church buses seem to be getting into more and more accidents. I don’t know why, but it’s not a good trend. However, the almighty appears just as interested in saving people in church bus crashes as she does in helping us through bear, crocodile, and shark attacks; this is from the Herald-Leader story this morning:

    “About 24 youths and counselors were taken to two Dothan-area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries that were mostly bumps and bruises, Ward said.

    “We’re just very grateful that all the kids and adults are OK and that God took care of them,” Evans said on Sunday.”

    I don’t mean to make light of church bus crashes (or shark attacks, either, for that matter), but kneejerk reaction to say that God saved everyone who was saved in anything seems a bit shopworn.

  2. I heard on the noon news, the little boy in the other vehicle didn’t make it. It would be good time say a little prayer for him.

  3. That was in the news story, too, Perplexed. I told someone over the weekend, before hearing about this, that God does a better job of protecting those who use their seatbelts.

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