Sarah Palin gets witchcraft protection

This is going to look pretty darned strange to my Presbyterian and Episcopalian readers, but it’s something Pentecostals will instantly recognize.

A year ago, Mike Huckabee was getting blessings like this one at Pentecostal churches, but the national media was ignoring him at this point, so the episodes never attracted much attention. “Laying on of hands” is a common way of praying in many evangelical churches. [Gov. Huckabee got prayed for this way at a Baptist megachurch in Orlando in January 2008 and at a Charismatic church in Irving, Texas in November 2007.]

Updated: September 26, 2008 — 9:48 am


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  1. Was that Sarah Palin? And were they accusing her of witchcraft? It got a little garbled there in the middle. I don’t think this was from the Book of Common Prayer.

  2. the motion of hand, mouth, and speech do not match at any time before or after the grabbled part. Who knows what is actually being said about or even if this sarah is getting “protection” from witchcraft or even accusing her of being a witch or whatever. It is all extremely difficult to make out.

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