Month – February 2009

Christian Right rejects "Christian right" label

Sarah Pulliam of Christianity Today has written an interesting article about the term “Christian Right” falling out of favor among some right-wing Christians. As Pulliam correctly notes, labels that were embraced in one age can become epithets in later years. Early in the twentieth century, many evangelical Christians embraced the term “fundamentalist”. But it fell […]

Surgeon general nominee gets new post

Democrats, unhappy with Dr. James Holsinger’s past statements about homosexuals, successfully prevented him from becoming surgeon general during the final year-and-a-half of the Bush administration. However, President Bush gave the Kentucky doctor a consolation prize shortly before leaving office, the Washington Post reports. h/t: Jose Lazano Holsinger will serve on the president’s council on physical […]

U.S. Senator: God wants me to serve

Incumbent U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minnesota), fighting in court to keep his congressional seat, tells a radio interviewer that “God wants me to serve.” Unfortunately for Coleman, God isn’t a Minnesota voter. Three months after Election Day, Coleman trails Democrat Al Franken, but just barely. The courts are still trying to determine who won the […]

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