Argentine Firecracker ruins another pol's career

The Governor of South Carolina isn’t the first politician to tango with an Argentinian beauty. Former House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Wilbur Mills, then 65, fell from grace after he was caught carousing with Annabella Battistella, then age 38.

Fox, who was described by Time Magazine as a “bosomy stripper”, billed herself as “Fanne Fox: The Argentine Firecracker.”

Updated: June 24, 2009 — 3:33 pm


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  1. Is it my imagination, or do conservative Republicans seem particularly subject to this sort of thing? Maybe it’s all those repressed desires.

  2. Caleb, the striking difference is the hypocrisy. Clinton never claimed to be a Sunday School teacher. Edwards promoted a moral code, but one that emphasized society and community. But these GOP guys– Vitter, Ensign, and now Sanford– they preached one thing and did the exact opposite. The infidelity is unjustifiable in all cases but the bald hypocrisy makes me howl. Gingrich too. He should be run out of Dodge for pretending to be an authority on moral behavior. Sure, there are also some two-faced Democrats. Spitzer.

  3. Look guys, I know is hard to believe, but put yourself in his position. A very beautiful woman, a goddess through some eyes, she sets her sights on you. Your friendship blossoms, time apart from each other before you know it becomes harder and harder. Finally you pass the point of friendship and become lovers, you have gone to far. This is a personal matter between the Governor and his wife. I certainly hope for another high profile family that things can be worked out. I have seem many beautiful women end up in places they shouldn’t be along with the men that know better and refuse to admit it.

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