Remembering Farrah Fawcett

Thursday, June 25, 2009
By Frank Lockwood

Farrah Fawcett died today at age 62. She was the prettiest of Charlie’s Angels. Her looks launched 12 million wall posters. She won an Emmy for “The Burning Bed” and critical acclaim for her role in “Small Sacrifices.”

Fawcett also appeared with Robert Duvall in “The Apostle” — one of the best movies ever made about religion in the Bible Belt.

The Texas beauty was a Christian, and she received the last rites of the Roman Catholic Church before passing this morning, her longtime partner Ryan O’Neal said.

“She’s now with her mother and sister and her God. I loved her with all my heart,” O’Neal told People. “I will miss her so very, very much. She was in and out of consciousness. I talked to her all through the night. I told her how very much I loved her. She’s in a better place now.”

h/t: Caleb Powers

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  1. José

    The Apostle, a wonderful movie by a terrific actor. Duvall is not a native Texan but he does some awful nice work playing one. Tender Mercies, Lonesome Dove.

  2. madgebaby

    One of the best religious-themed movies ever, indeed. May she be at peace.

  3. Caleb Powers

    You’re right about Duvall. He does the best accents of any actor I’ve ever seen. He spoke perfect Virginian in Gods and Generals, where he played Robert E. Lee, perfect Texan in Tender Mercies, and always did perfect accents in his western movies. Not to mention The Godfather.

  4. Bri

    In the midst of everyone’s anguish and personal travels and despair, I just want to comment on Farrah’s cancer journey that she did win! Albeit in a tragic death her epic journey documented will heed all who wishes to be as courageous as she was. Her documentary on cancer is unmistakeably one of the most enriching programs I have watched. My heart and prayers goes to her family and all the others who share the unfortunate news of cancer. Life is hard enough to go through, eternity is just another chapter!!!!


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