DIO-NEVADA votes 'no' on Kevin Thew Forrester

Tuesday, June 30, 2009
By Frank Lockwood

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Nevada has posted the minutes of its April 18, 2009 meeting online. They contain the following:

“There was a lengthy discussion regarding the election of the Bishop in Northern Michigan.

Motion – To consent to the ordination of Kevin Thew Forrester. The Motion failed.”

The Diocese of Nevada has been posting summaries of its standing committee actions for about two years and its leadership has stated that “transparency” is a key diocesan value.

The updated tally:

Dioceses SUPPORTING Thew Forrester’s election: 32
Dioceses OPPOSING Thew Forrester’s election: 62

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  1. Anonymous

    Is not having enough votes to consent the same as voting no?

  2. Caleb Powers

    Technically, yes. Abstentions are also treated as no votes.


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