Study: Midwest, Western Appalachia 'least sinful'

Tuesday, August 18, 2009
By Frank Lockwood

We know where the Bible Belt is. But where is the Sin Belt? Researchers at Kansas State University, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, tried to figure that out. A story from Catholic News Service has all the details…

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  1. “Here is how the Kansas State researchers calculated the sinfulness of any one region:

    — Sloth: expenditures per capita on entertainment and recreation, such as video games and movie rentals, that tend to keep people isolated from one another as reported in the “U.S. Census Bureau 2002 Economic Census: Arts, Entertainment and Recreation Report.”

    — Greed: comparing total per capita income with the number of people living in poverty per capita as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau.

    — Envy: statistics from “FBI Uniform Crime Reports” related to stealing, i.e., robbery, burglary. larceny and motor vehicle theft.

    — Wrath: more statistics from the FBI, but for rape, assault and murder.

    — Gluttony: comparing the total number of fast-food restaurants per capita as reported by the ‘U.S. Census Bureau 2002 Economic Census: Food Services and Drinking Places Report.’…”

    How many different ways can you interpret data gathered from such a standpoint as this? As far as western Appalachia’s concerned, they should have had a statistic for the number of meth labs because there just ain’t that many varied fast food restaurants.

  2. Caleb Powers

    Prester John, back in the ’80s, when I was driving back and forth to Eastern Kentucky a lot in my law practice, I used to say that the three curses of Appalachia were kudzu, mobile homes, and Druther’s Restaurants, which was then a fast food chain that had been re-named from Burger Queen, and had arguably the worst food in the free world.

    I wonder where the amount of money a region spends at Starbucks figures in to all this?

  3. perplexed

    It appears that Louisville, Ky. is one of the most dirty cybertowns in America, according to Google. Maybe some of that bad Karma rubbed off on Rick Pitino!!

  4. Caleb Powers

    I assume you’re referring to the fact that 14 good Louisvillians were just accused of trying to arrange assignations with underage teenagers online, which is not a good recommendation for the city.

    As an aside back to Prester John, though, what is WESTERN Appalachia? I suppose that since I grew up fairly near the western boundary of what is generally considered Appalachia that I grew up in Western Appalachia, but I’d sure never heard that term before.

  5. perplexed

    Right about Louisville Caleb.
    I think western Appalachia is the foothills in Virginia.
    I don’t remember reading anything about incest in that study. That alone should play a role in the mountains. I refer to 1st cousins marrying.

  6. Caleb Powers

    Now, now, Perplexed, let’s not be spreading stereotypes about the mountains. I don’t know of a single instance in my home county of relatives marrying, or any accusation of incest, but I know that incest exists everywhere.


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