Brian McLaren does Ramadan

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
By Frank Lockwood

Yes, the Emerging Church guru says he and others from his “faith tradition” will be fasting throughout Ramadan.

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  1. madgebaby

    I think this is fine (I’ve not read the linked article yet however). Why the heck not? Don’t we love it when people of other traditions want to come to our faith communities, participate in our rituals? Even been to a real passover Seder? What about an Orthodox Easter vigil(assuming you’re not of these faiths)? How is this different?

  2. Julian Malakar


    Do you know that food consumption during Ramadan month rise almost double in all Muslim countries? As a result prices of food become unreachable for poor people and increase their misery during Ramadan month. Price increases because of imbalance in demand and supply, and unfair game of business. Majority Muslim eats more food during Ramadan than normal days. In theory Ramadan month would be days of sacrifice but in reality it is opposite. Muslim eats delicious, rich food before and after the fasting time. Goal of fasting is achieved when there is net sacrifice with increased spirituality.

    I am from Bangladesh, a Muslim majority country, in south Asia but I am a Christian. It is interesting to participate in Muslim’s religious activities for better understanding and making stronger faith in Jesus Christ knowing other faith by closeness. One day I attended Muslim’s Friday prayer in a Mosque in Bangladesh along with my three childhood friends. I performed same ritual, other Muslim do in their prayer. But while my friends prayed to their Allah I prayed to my savior Jesus Christ in silent. After the prayer I told Imam, the Muslim priest, that I believe the 1st part of Muslim’s qualm a, which is “God is great” but I do not believe 2nd part which says Mohammad is God’s friend, instead, I do believe Jesus is son of God who would come to judge living and dead, including you and me at the final day, what would be my status to God?

    Good luck

  3. Caleb Powers

    Welcome to the blog, Julian! I’m not sure we’ve ever had someone post from as far away from the (American) Bible Belt as Bangladesh!


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