Month – October 2009

Satan causes cavities and weight gain, too.

This year’s crop of Halloween candy is demon-possessed, according to Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network. Apparently, witches curse the sugar-filled confections before they’re shipped to grocery stores across America. These witches, I’m guessing, are part of a Prince of Darkness job-retraining program. Thanks to the rise of compact discs and MP3 players, the devils who […]

In Europe, Scientology convicted of fraud

I suppose one man’s “one true faith” is another man’s “organized fraud.” … PARIS (AP) — A Paris court convicted the Church of Scientology of fraud and fined it more than euro600,000 ($900,000) on Tuesday, but stopped short of banning the group’s activities. The group’s French branch said it would appeal the verdict. The court […]

Is this fact or fiction? AP says it's fact

The paragraph below was included in an Associated Press story about a controversial rabbinical ruling that bars the use of so-called Shabbat elevators — elevators pre-programmed to automatically stop on every floor on the Sabbath, so that Sabbath-observing Jews can use them without doing the “work” of pushing elevator buttons on the holiest day of […]

Benny Hinn: Most faith healers are frauds

Faith healer Benny Hinn, a native of Jaffa, Israel, recently wrote a book about his native land. Blood In the Sand: Understanding the Middle East Conflict — the Stakes, the Dangers, and What the Bible Says About the Future is part memoir, part prophecy. The televangelist recently visited with Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Religion Editor Frank Lockwood […]

Huckabee takes lead in GOP presidential race

I’m not a bit surprised by this new Rasmussen poll, which shows Mike Huckabee moving ahead of the pack. With a strong organization and a decent fundraising apparatus, Mike Huckabee could definitely win the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. But money and organization are crucial. And it’s unclear whether he’s willing to do what it takes […]

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