Have you seen the 'atheist' movie?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
By Frank Lockwood

My wife and I went and watched “The Invention of Lying,” which is billed as the “first ever completely atheistic movie with no concessions.”

And I wasn’t looking forward to it one bit. I don’t like paying $8 per ticket to be preached at. But it turned out to be a fascinating film. Funny, not fanatical. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

A laugh is worth a thousand lectures, and this film was a comedy. A sad comedy, if there is such a creature.

Ricky Gervais’ alternative universe has no God and no lying, and it is a miserable, hopeless, soulless place.

Critics are split on the film, according to RottenTomatoes.com.

Movie trailers are available here.

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  1. perplexed

    Cheese, when you close you mind to a subject, how can you be objective?

  2. Caleb Powers

    Julian, fifty years ago the majority position in the United States was that states had the right to require that society be segregated by race. A hundred years before that, the majority opinion in the US was that states had the right to have legal slavery (a position that they supported by reference to the Bible). Does that not suggest that the majority is not always right?

  3. cheese


    My mind is not closed. I can be convinced that deities exist, but I’ll have to witness that deity for myself. I’m a skeptic; I prefer to be skeptical, because I see being gullible as the opposite stance. I’m not going to believe, because some book told me to. I believe that truth should cohere with all reality. Signs that the earth is much older than what the Book of Genesis says lead me to believe that the Book of Genesis is wrong. Rocks don’t lie; people do.

    I would say your mind is closed on the subject. You’ve decided that God is real, and you cannot even entertain the possibility that he doesn’t. Churches even tell you not to doubt, that doubting will lead you to despair, that doubting is even sinful in some cases. I think that only highlights the weakness of their position. If they’re so certain that God exists, they should welcome doubt and scrutiny. Science thrives on doubt; religion views it with disdain.

  4. perplexed

    Actually I found some of your post quite refreshing. For me its not about the church and the Bible,as much as its about the relationship I have with my God.
    My grandmother always told to be careful what I prayed for,I just might get it, and that has been so true in my case.
    You like to refer to science, yet many years ago a group of astronomers and mathematicians and inventors got together and said this is the basis for science an thats the beginning of science. What will we do if at some point in the future what we have known to be a constant in science in now a variable.
    Religion is a lot of interpretation, no man has the authority to question God, but if you ask, you will receive, only if your sincere.

  5. cheese

    Yes, perplexed, it is certain that we will have to re-write the science books to take into account new information and new theories. That’s what Einstein did with his theory. Newton’s equations work under the assumption that space and time are fixed and separate. Einstein proved that space fluctuates, bends, and is inseparable from time. If Einstein had taken everything Newton said on faith, he wouldn’t know his name today. The same applies to Copernicus and Ptolemy. We’d still be seeing a geocentric universe, if doubt had not opened our eyes. We must be able to doubt our assumptions if we’re ever going to discover the fundamental nature of reality. I think faith slows that process down. In order to be open-minded, we must doubt everything and take on faith as little as possible.

  6. perplexed

    Cheese, perhaps I have experienced things you haven’t, I have been in the presence of what I and other believers call holy, I have seen death cheated by love and I have been touched by an entity not of this world. I have searched for logical explanations and found none. To say I’m closed minded just isn’t correct. I hope you realize that the greatest gateway in life is the mind and not confuse progress with reality. Good luck, I have certainly enjoyed this.

  7. cheese

    Yes, you may have been visited by some entity, but how do you know it was a deity, and not say a ghost or some other spirit? How might your faith in deities have influenced your perceptions of the events in question? Is it not possible that logical explanations might exist even though you cannot find them?

    All too often, man tries to use God to explain those things that he simply cannot explain for himself. The sun, the tides, the moon, lightning, storms, earthquakes, rain, solar and lunar eclipses, all were attributed to deities before men of reason discovered logical explanations for them. I know you’ve seen “magicians” on television. They make cars, elephants, even airplanes seemingly disappear into thin air, but you know those are just “magic” tricks, illusions. They aren’t really performing miracles; they’re just manipulating our perceptions.

    I would implore you to keep searching for logical explanations for the mysteries of life and to never feel satisfied with the answer “God did it,” because as history illustrates, that answer is usually wrong.


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