Coach John Wooden, 99, dies

Saturday, June 5, 2010
By Frank Lockwood

The Los Angeles Times has comprehensive coverage of Coach Wooden’s life and legacy.

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  1. perplexed

    Its a shame society today doesn’t foster more guys like Coach Wooten.

  2. José

    What a great article. The writers really let the facts speak for themselves in telling the story of this immensely talented and honorable man.

    The two biggest stars who played for Wooden’s UCLA teams were both known for their somewhat ungracious attitudes. In recent years Bill Walton has been pretty vocal about his admiration for Coach Wooden but it seems that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has been more reticent. I looked around the news today for a comment from Jabbar about his former coach. It turns out that Jabbar had been in Europe last week. He interrupted his trip and rushed to LA, arriving just in time to visit Wooden hours before he died. Actions speak loudly.

  3. MJBubba

    The media critics at GetReligion noticed how the LA Times edited Wooden’s Christian faith out of the story:


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