Yes, ma'am, we can read, write AND barbecue…

Thursday, June 24, 2010
By Frank Lockwood

The Atlantic Magazine had this to say about Mike Huckabee.

People are sometimes caught off guard by Huckabee’s intellectual competence because of his rural Arkansas habits (he and his wife lived in a trailer while the governor’s mansion was being renovated) and his outspoken evangelical views.

The writer, Nicole Allan, developed her “intellectual competence” — such as it is — at rural Yale.

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  1. A Yankee looking down on Southern intelligence??? I am shocked, shocked I tell you.

    Liberals are taught to dismiss religious intellectuals, not engage them, so her ignorance is not surprising.

  2. José

    I struggle to see what was incorrect in Allan’s statement. There are probably lots of people who are surprised at Huckabee’s intellect. Allan put a spotlight on the misplaced prejudices of many Americans who do not regard the former governor highly. If she is criticizing anyone, it’s herself and elitists. That’s not being ignorant, just honest and observant.
    Frank, have you ever come across any prejudices among Southern evangelicals? (Would you poke fun at any of them who admitted it?)

  3. Jose,
    Yes and my previous post is a good example. I’d refer you to “Don’t Those Obama Haters Have the Google?”

  4. José

    Somehow I had completely overlooked the “Obama Haters” thread. Thanks for pointing it out.

    It’s funny how the two articles are alike. They both concern complaints about perceived insults to the religious right, though the offenses may be inconsequential or even imaginary. It used to be that Political Correctness only applied to the lefties. For quite a while, though, it’s been the right wingers that have the thin skins. In the case of the Obama Haters, it’s clear that these folks are nuts who search high and low for ways to be offended. As for the Huckabee thing, Allan is catching heck for telling the truth. It may be impolite to mention prejudices that we all know exist, and in this case it seemed awkward and unnecessary, but what the reporter wrote was less interesting than the reaction from hypersensitive readers.

  5. Yes, Jose, the conservatives are so thin-skinned. That’s why we see articles all the time with headlines like

    “People are sometimes caught off guard by Bloomberg’s generousity given his Jewish roots…”


    “People are sometimes caught off guard by Hillary’s calm demeanor given her feminist roots…”


    “People are sometimes caught off guard by Thomas’s excellent scholarship given his black skin…”

    Such denigration of Jews, women, blacks, any other protected minority, strangely, does not make it into print. But denigration of religious white Southerners, strangely, is still acceptible. Hmm, why is that?

    Yes, blame them for being “thin skinned”. Good strategy, Jose. You have absorbed your brainwashing well.

  6. Caleb Powers

    Justin, Clarence Thomas’ skin color has nothing to do with my belief that he’s an idiot, and I know of no one who has suggested that his scholarship is anything more than mediocre at best.

    And, Justin, given that I’m (a) a hillbilly, (b) a Harvard grad, (c) somewhat of an expert on barbecue, and (d) a political liberal, here’s my view of the world:

    Most Yankees think most Southerners are dumb. They’re generally right, because the South has spent far less on education per capita than most other areas of the country for some centuries now, and it’s taking its toll. I started out my law practice lo these many years ago trying cases in the mountains of Kentucky, and it always amazed me how many people I ran into who were literally illiterate — couldn’t read a word. The fact that Kentucky has gone Republican in recent years shows that the same type of “What’s the Matter With Kansas” problem exists here, too: People are not well educated enough to understand that whatever the Republican Party may promise, they’re hardly the friend of the poor. What always astounds Yankees is that there is a minority of Southerners who are bright, articulate, and able to turn smoke and meat into barbecue with amazing facility.

    Most Southernors think that most Yankees are rude, obnoxious, and condescending. They’re generally right, too. My experience is that many northerners are indeed always in a hurry and rarely take the time to smell the magnolias, which is not surprising given the climate in which most of them grew up, and I mean both personal and weather.

    Justin, I agree with Jose that most conservatives are incredibly thin-skinned. If the kinds of things that have been said about Obama were said about a Republican, there’d be an outbreak of apoplexy in the country clubs and corporate boardrooms of America. Instead, we’re all treated to the spectacle of a bunch of tea baggers who are, at most, one step above the Klan, claiming to be the real representatives of the people. It’s amazing what not spending money on education produces.


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