Pentecostal minister gunned down in Russia

Monday, July 19, 2010
By Frank Lockwood

Artur Suleimanov, a convert from Islam, had been threatened repeatedly in the past, Barnabas Fund reports.

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  1. Julian Malakar

    “4 Even though I walk
    through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, …”

    This is the motto of the Christian. Killers have no religion, rather he opened the path of dream place (heaven) for the slain minister, like martyrdom of Christian saints, and killer opened the path for himself to hell for the sake of misunderstanding his own religion, like any other suicide bomber.

  2. cheese


    To say the people who committed this atrocity have no religion is 100% false. It insults them, because they do have a religion, and it insults people like me who don’t have a religion and who don’t want to be lumped together with these murderous, zealous bigots. We know this crime was perpetrated by people who had religion, and we know that that religion is Islam. The Hadith and the Quran are quite clear about what should be done with apostates and non-believers: they ought to be killed. There are multiple verses that repeat this theme. These people did not misunderstand what their holy books were telling them; they were following the dictates of them to the letter, exactly what many Christians do not do these days. The real culprit here is Islam (and ultimately religion itself), because it was their faith that led them to commit this heinous act. Were people not promised spiritual immortality, eternal paradise, and heavenly reward for defending their faiths, inhumane acts as these would never take place.

  3. Caleb Powers

    In this regard, Christianity is no different than Islam. I love to watch World War II movies and shows, and have worn out my DVDs of The Band of Brothers and the like. It occurs to me that no group of Crusaders ever left England with a more certain knowledge that God was on their side than the invaders of Normandy in 1944, and the Allied forces in general. Now I know that it is not Christian doctrine that a person dying in battle be sent immediately to heaven, but you know as well as I do that that is what these folks thought, and probably what they were told by their chaplains. It is a human trait to always believe that the almighty’s position on things is exactly the same as yours — a human trait that you seem to have an amazing amount of, Julian.

  4. Julian Malakar

    Caleb, my brother after reading your posting I believe you would love to live in Pakistan instead of watching your worn out DVD and think about twelve century Crusade or Jihad. You could see and enjoy how Christians are killed because they believe in Jesus, instead of Prophet Mohammed. You would love to get telephone threat about your intellectual writing, if you would dare to write about innocent killing, in mosque, market places or in Christian neighborhood in the name of Islam as you wrote feely criticizing Christianity in your posting. You would love to be arrested and be put into jail without trial in the pretext of blasphemy law.

    You do not have to go back to historical events to find atrocities and squarely blame Christian, just look BBC South Asia news of July 19, 2010 when Cheese posted his comments and July 23 you would find two Christian brothers have been arrested for blasphemy in Pakistan based on a complain from a Muslim cleric without evidence and later on July 19 they have been gun down in broad daylight in front of district court without capturing the culprit. Only yesterday a mentally-ill Pakistani blasphemer woman named Zaibun Nisa age 60 was released from jail after serving jail term 14 years without any trial. She was charged with desecrating the Koran in 1996 and never put on trial. Zaibun Nisa was declared mentally ill by a medical board soon after her arrest in 1996, but she was still sent to jail, her lawyer, Aftab Ahmad Bajwa, told the media after the court orders on last Thursday. The complainant of the case never mentioned her name, but an over zealot police officer arrested her. Pakistan’s blasphemy law prescribes the death sentence for anyone found guilty of insulting the Prophet Muhammad or the Koran. I believe you would love to live in a Muslim country like this where you would get heroes’ welcome by criticizing Christian without any facts. Cheese being atheist expressed his anger for levelling those killers, belonging to no religion, but to tell you the truth I did not understand so far what you really believe. I understand Cheese’s point to mingle murderer with atheist. But good Muslim would not accept them either. So where do they belong?

    Matters of facts, if Saladin, leader of third Jihad (1189 – 1192) would have won the crusade instead of King Richard, you could have enjoy living now in a rough country like Afghanistan, Somalia etc. and could enjoy tyranny in the name of religion. We thank God for outcome of Crusade and praise God for those brave Christian and non-Christian soldiers who died for our freedom still today since creation. Certainly those who gave up their life for noble cause have a place in God’s kingdom.


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