Dog receives communion at Anglican Church in Canada

Friday, July 23, 2010
By Frank Lockwood

An unbaptized dog, to make matters worse. To read more about this open and inclusive parish, click here.

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  1. madgebaby

    This is just awful–and has nothing to do with openness and inclusivity.

  2. Sophia Katt

    I guess it all depends on whether you lean more towards dogma or catechism.

  3. Caleb Powers

    As I always say, there is always a proper way to do anything under Anglican doctrine. The mistake was in giving the dog communion, rather than a blessing. Communion, under Anglican practice, is meant for humans. Blessings, however, are meant for everyone. At St. Augustine’s, Chris Platt used to say a special blessing for the seeing eye dog helping a blind parishioner, who helpfully led her up to the rail every Sunday. Children too young to take communion are also given a blessing, as is anyone who chooses not to take communion. All in all, though, I’d rather have a priest who’d give communion to a dog than one who would withhold it from a human.

  4. Julian Malakar

    Whatever happened in St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Toronto, Canada it is the reflection of biblical saying “as you sow, so shall you reap”. Please read Galatians 6:7-8 “7Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. 8For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.”

    Christ died for my human spirit, which is too weak to be strong enough to remain with Holy God all the time day and night unless I receive grace, mercy and peace thru Holy spiritual food, Christ gave us thru His own body and blood sacrificed at Cross, so that all human beings get life but not die. It is not dog food. May God forgive our inadequacy thru His kindness, and help us understand deep down our heart importance of death of our savior Jesus Christ at cross.

    Rev. Mss. Rea made no mistake, she just followed recently adopted, modified church teaching thru motto of the Church “Open and Inclusive for All, closed to None” even to dogs. Unless new modified Church realize that Christ’s body and blood shed not for all souls but for those who “Repent” for his/her sin, the Church itself may end up into old idiom “gone to the dogs”. I hope and pray for Church coming back to track with traditional Christian value. Jesus is alpha and omega.

  5. cheese

    what hubris. The nice thing to do is to give the dog a treat. Your wafer is not magical, nor will you go to hell for giving it to fido. Seriously, this question is as stupid and irrelevant as the ninjas vs. pirates debate, which the pirates keep winning by the way.

  6. Julian Malakar

    Cheese, if you throw a pearl to a dog or to a pig, they may throw it by their legs. But you and I would pick up the pearl by our hands and save it dearly. We would wear it in social gathering with pride. Holy Communion is dear to every Christian who believes in Jesus and His suffering at Cross for our transgression for every day. Holy Communion is not like what you think of. It is more than diamonds for beauty of our spirit which is neither seen nor could be touched but be felt, if you believe only on His power. The whole process of purification of soul is also not magic, illusion, stupidity, psychopath or indoctrinated, as many think, but real in clear conscience. It is continuous process since institution of Holy Communion on Maundy Thursday by Jesus Himself before His death at the cross. Test Him by refocusing your believe on Jesus instead of believing pure entertainment comedy “Pirate and Ninjas”, you would find the difference, I believe so.

  7. perplexed

    Does this mean that the need for an ordained clergy to administer communion is no longer needed because the reverence of the Host is lost by giving it to animals?

  8. Julian Malakar

    We, including Christian, Atheist or other people of different faiths in this world, sin daily with different degree that contaminate our holy spirituality in our heart, and take us from Holy God to closeness to Evil power and do evil or anti-social works that hurt humanity as well as God. The humanity is image of God; originally it was 100% holy.

    Those who dedicate their life to work full time for Christ to keep sheep like us on track closeness to God are in better position honoring solemnly living spiritual food (because Christ is alive now). Ordained priest are well equipped with education, strong faith, passion, and above all love for Christ, they are also anointed by Holy Spirit when they ordained. They are definitely in better position but we all have responsibility in loving our God, “the Spirit and Truth” with our whole heart, soul, strength and mind as well as in loving those who disagree to our believe to make a better world to live in harmony for all creatures big and small that He created including dog.

  9. peach

    i find it odd that Paul chastised the church of Corinth for turning the communion into a meal (1 Corinthians 11:19-28), yet we make light of giving the dog a wafer.

  10. perplexed

    Does the dog understand the true meaning of that Host?

  11. madgebaby

    Caleb–you are wrong, maybe just this once. A baptized child no matter how young gets communion. Mine were baptized when they were 40 days old (it worked out that way, seriously) and they got a tiny flake on my finger. People are made in the image of God and grow into God’s likeness. Baptism is a huge step along that path and lets us get Eucharist, silly–it has NOTHING to do with understanding. I have a couple of degrees in it and I don’t understand it.

  12. José

    Holy Communion is a mystery. If we require all communicants to understand it fully before partaking then we might as well require that everyone be deserving of God’s grace. The lines would be mighty short.

  13. perplexed

    If anything it reduces the holiness of the Host and its meaning as a religious symbol. You guys think thats OK? Lambs were sacrificed during the tenure of Christ on earth and now we have grown so secure with our animal friends that we treat them like human companions because we have lost the art of communication amongst ourselves? Whoa!

  14. Julian Malakar

    Practice makes a person perfect in any field of wisdom, by taking Living Spiritual Food (Holy Communion) by Faith, one day we would understand the truth about God, whose body and blood makes our souls perfect for Him. It is like learning math (addition, subtractions, division etc.) by practice at kindergarten, not knowing truth about power of math that we need when we grow. We are at kindergarten stage understanding power of Holy God, Who is “Spirit and Truth” and creator of seen and unseen matter.

  15. madgebaby

    Did you read the previous posts, Perplexed? Just wondering. . . . No one is arguing in favor of what happened with the dog. My goodness.

  16. Julian Malakar

    Does the dog understand the true meaning of that Host? – Perplexed.

    If we look at origin we would find that we, human being were last piece of creation in creating this beautiful universe (Genesis Chapter 1) including our own galaxy. It is like last element in Periodic Table for non-living things. Like different element have different character and property we, being the last of all creation have been made with special character no other living being possessed that character i.e. image of the Creator, the Spirit and Truth.

    The dog and other animal big and small were made for our companionship to balance the “Ecosystem” not for as important like us who have soul which is immortal and need blood of Holy One for purification to bring back to its original state as holy as Holy God. Like gold need fire for melting to make pure gold, we need Christ and “Repentance” for melting of our arrogant spirit to be holy again.

  17. perplexed

    I did read the posts Madge. I’m just concerned how the power of suggestion led to the dog receiving communion, there must have been something lost in interpretation wherever this woman was taught and ordained.

  18. madgebaby

    People do stupid things. I think that is what happened here. Guy clergyfolk do stupid things too–superbowl themed sermons stand out as a particularly onerous abuse of the position in the name of relevance. The church us flawed by those dang Christians too, who bring their own wounds, biases and prejudices when they come. We are all a work in progress.

  19. Caleb Powers

    Julian, you don’t have to be able to understand the meaning of communion to take it. Otherwise, we wouldn’t give communion to the mentally ill or the mentally retarded, or to small children, which we do every day. In hospitals, a crumb of bread or a drop of wine is often placed in the mouths of the unconscious as well. Communion is magic, Julian, not logic. The problem with evangelicals is that they seem to think that every transaction is a real estate closing, and everyone has to know the meaning of every word in every document.

    God’s love is inexplicable, Julian. Don’t ruin it.

  20. Julian Malakar

    Caleb, I certainly agree with you in this case, specially that we do not need to understand “Holy Bread and Blood of Jesus Christ” for our spiritual part of our body and souls, as we do not need to understand science of mathematic to perform mathematical functions since Pre-Kindergarten. Scriptures teaches us to take Holy Communion by faith and believe that Christ died for my inadequacy for growing spiritually to stand firmly at the time of trials that tempted us constantly leading towards evil power. It helps us to say “No” to evil and “Yes” to good works. I wonder how in the world we agree specially in this issue at least, when you said that you do not learn words of God from the Holy Bible. I am interested to know from you how do you learnt about Christ, whose source of information originated not from the Bible? If you study the Bible with passion, you would find that power of Holy Communion is not “magical” power as you said but mystery (unknown) and “logical” (reasonable) power. When God revealed the truth we would know why we need Holy blood to clean our conscious to perform all righteous works as it was in the first day for the 1st human being.

  21. cheese

    blah blah blah. Meaningless drivel. Blah blah blah. There is nothing logical or magical about bowing to instruments of torture or engaging in pseudo-cannibalism. Giving dogs treats is a nice thing to do though.

  22. Julian Malakar

    Cheese, I am sure you know that to clean up your computer’s functionality smoothly as you like, you need to install anti-virus software program and run time to time for clean up files and folder from corruption. Only thing you can see and touch anti-virus is its hard disk that you purchased from the store. If you download from websites you would not see anything but found surprisingly your computer runs far better than necked computer without anti-virus, anti-spam, anti- fishing program etc. in it.

    As I posted earlier my spirit is like CPU (Central Processing Unit) of computer with program like Microsoft windows XP-home edition (in our case image of God) got corrupted since its inception thru disobeying of God by 1st human couple followed by 1st murder by their son Cain killing his brother Abel. We need Holy human blood to clean our conscience like anti-virus found in open market e.g. Norton etc. Cheese, please do not think by this Holy blood, I mean physical blood in our body that contains RBC (red blood corpuscles), WBC (white blood corpuscles) and other components in the blood that helps us sustain from attack of foreign materials. But this Holy blood is symbolic or coded like anti-virus software program. Those of us, who are not computer programmer, may find this anti-virus program like magical power as Caleb described for Holy Communion, but on the contrary it is logical step necessary to make a successful anti-virus program that cover wide range of evil virus that an evil programmer can produce to crash your computer. Matter of facts in my graduate management course I had basic computer course and I have been using 2nd or 3rd generation computer in my professional works since 1986.

    Holy Communion acts on our spirit like anti-virus that drives out our evil ideology. It is not blah, blah or “pseudo-cannibalism” as you said, if God (programmer) reveals the truth behind it, you could see logical power that saved us. I can speak for myself, I feel much better after receiving Holy Communion by faith to encounter day to day trials of temptation. I may not be successful in all trials, but living and loving God (as Caleb said) is there to forgive my transgression when I believe Him sincerely by faith only.

  23. cheese

    More blithering nonsense from our resident true believer. Julian, the human mind is not analogous to a computer. Computers can only do what their programmers tell them to do, they cannot think for themselves, and they certainly aren’t aware of their own mortality. So your comparison of wafers to anti-virus software is invalid. Wafers have no mind-clensing properties. If anything, the relief you feel is as much placebo as anything else. And this obsession with being born flawed or in need of divine correction is nonsense. You can better yourself without preternatural intervention, if you just tried. Positive thinking is the source of your nourishment, not a wafer.

  24. Caleb Powers

    Julian, Cheese is right. You’re blathering again. You agreed with me that faith and common are mysteries, then gave an accounting report on them. Quit while you’re ahead. .

  25. Julian Malakar

    Cheese, you (optional to you) and I should be thankful to Holy and Almighty God for creating us with little bit of His own image, that makes us intelligent creatures who by imitating our own creativities made possible to develop a computer of today. You must know that a computer programmer think 1st how he/she perform a task by themselves and later they translate functions by code thru logical steps which ends up a complete program. So we are transmitting our spiritual functionality by encoding and decoding to electrical functionality thru computer. Computer language is binary codes made up of 1s and 0s only which is related with “on” and “off” of electric current, like our “True” or “False” of a statement.

    You know we can not create anything, but can transform one form of energy to another only. In this case (human vs. computer), we are transforming spiritual or biological functionality to mechanical or electrical functionality by encoding and decoding. If you unplug the computer no matter how supper computer it is, it is gone, same way once our breathing is stop, no matter how intelligent you are, you are gone for ever. Think this way, our body, body parts, muscles, tissues vain etc. are comparable with hard ware of computer and spiritual functionality is software programming of computer. Our programmer Holy God is merciful, slow to anger because of His great love for us that does not mean He can not unplug my breathing, if not yours. That is why Christian gives thanks every day to God for blessing today. Your positive thinking alone would not allow you to enjoy “Christ’s peace” in your mind in the middle of a crisis, which is priceless.

    The problem with agnostic and people like Caleb who are in middle of the road neither with God nor with materialistic is that they are not humble and think themselves “I am OK, you are Not”. I agree with Cheese and Caleb’s point with restricted spiritual light in the mind.

  26. Caleb Powers

    Julian, buddy, I can assure you that I’m not in the middle of any roads. So, let’s tell the truth about that statement, Julian. You don’t agree with the principles of traditional Christianity espoused by the Episcopal Church and other mainline churches. Rather than admit this, you’d rather just define Christianity as what Julian believes, and reject the traditional article. You have every right to believe what you want, but it’s.not very intellectually honest on your part to mischaracterize my positions, as you have consistently done.

  27. Julian Malakar

    Caleb, you can personalize somebody’s definition of Christianity if anybody characterize Christianity with his own wisdom, completely out of biblical context. For example Islam characterized Jesus as a prophet not as a Savor and Son of God. You can say it is their interpretation of whole story of Christ. Same way I found thru your posting that your interpretation of Jesus Christ and Holy God is based on knowledge on apocryphal gospel, rejected by the Church, the gospel of Barnabas. It does not believe crucifix and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Bottom line as I understood from your postings, correct me if I am wrong that you do not believe i) Christ did not die for sins of mankind ii) He was not resurrected three days after His death and last not least iii) the Biblical story is myth and was not written by inspiration of Holy Spirit. All you believe God’s love for mankind and practiced Christianity as you find interesting to general intellectual society. It gives me impression as per biblical teaching that you are on middle of the road, and try to satisfy both God as well as contemporary world. I would be happy to correct myself to know that you follow generally accepted main line Christian’s Holy book, the Bible for wisdom of God. Please be clear I am not arguing whether or not you are right or wrong on believing what you believe.

    On the contrary all I wrote in my posting based on biblical teaching. Please read Genesis and gospel of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John in support of my writing. I tried to find answer of the question of life, “from where we came (image of God) and where we are going to at the end of life (back to God’s kingdom)” from biblical truth. It makes sense to me over any other philosophy. If you find any illustration in my posting irrelevant to biblical teaching, please let me know I would correct myself. Otherwise we all including Cheese are correct to our own philosophy, because we are born free to choose.

  28. Caleb Powers

    Julian, first, you don’t need to tell me to read the Bible. I suspect I had read and studied the whole thing before you were born, and I’m not sure where your seminary training came from, but mine came from Harvard.

    Second, you say “all I wrote in my post based on biblical teaching.” First, this is not true; it’s based on YOUR interpretation of the Bible, not on the text. Second, and more importantly, Julian, what you seem unable to get your brain around is the idea that what I’m questioning is the very idea of biblical supremacy. So, it’s not just that you torture and twist the Bible (which you do with every comment you make), but the fact that you find it necessary to torture and twist the Bible in order to make your points.

    The one point I’ve tried to make in our discussion is that the doctrine of sola scriptura is a disfavored late-blooming doctrine whose only purpose was to fill the need created by Protestants’ jetisoning of the Papacy. If you try to make it any more than that, Julian, which you do, you’re simply being intellectually dishonest, which is nothing new for conservatives: They’ve thrived on it for generations.

    You say I’m in the middle of the road because I try to both practice Christianity and satisfy the contemporary world. Huh????? Julian, the only one here trying to satisfy the modern world is you. I hate to break it to you, but your form of religion, evangelicalism, is a complete invention of the modern world. It didn’t exist a hundred years ago, and if there is a God, it won’t exist a hundred years from now. All of these churches with their worship leaders and praise ministers and mini rock concerts on Sunday mornings which believe EXACTLY what you do, Julian, are entirely products of the modern world.

    My theology is old, Julian, very old. It goes back to the time before tv and radio, when Anglicanism meant a middle of the road liberal take on the world. Only within the last twenty years has the dark side of Anglicanism reared its ugly head, with its gay bashing and intolerance, both entirely un-Anglican, but all the rage politically today. It’s the whole tea party movement, admittedly watered down for Anglican consumption (even conservative Anglicans can’t quite stomach the teabaggers).

    Your problem, Julian, is that you seem to have no historical perspective on the history of beliefs and theology. As between you and me, buddy, you’re the one doing things that would tend to please people today, not me; I’m constantly being fired on for my positions. So, if trying to please the modern world puts you in the road, Julian, you’d better watch out: You’re about to get hit . . .


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