It's beginning to rain…

Tuesday, October 12, 2010
By Frank Lockwood

We haven’t had a drop of precipitation at my house in a month and it’s been dry and drought-like in Little Rock all summer. So when we heard a clap of thunder this afternoon, there were literally cheers that erupted in the newsroom.

Soon, rain was pounding the sky-light windows above us. It’s a beautiful sound.

The Bible (in Matthew 5:45) says that the rain falls on the just and the unjust and I’ve often wondered precisely what this passage means.

Is this the biblical equivalent of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem “The Rain Day — Written at the old home in Portland”?:

Be still, sad heart, and cease repining;
Behind the clouds is the sun still shining;
Thy fate is the common fate of all,
Into each life some rain must fall…

Is rain an annoyance, an unpleasantness to be endured by good and evil alike? Or is it an extraordinary gift, extended by God to all regardless of merit?

The answer, I assume, depends on whether the author is living in Portland, Maine or Palestine.

For Longfellow, in rainy New England, precipitation was an unnecessary nuisance.

And for Noah’s neighbors, rain was a death sentence, a divine curse.

But, and I’m just going by memory here, famines are more common than floods in the Bible and droughts more troublesome than downpours.

For Jews in arid first century Jerusalem, water was a matter of life or death. Rain was a blessing.

So rain was good. And is good.

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  1. Julian Malakar

    Frank, rain is good as you said so in your comment. We too got hail storm in our area, but fortunately, was not that much strong that could destroy car top. Water covers 70.9% of Earth’s surface and our body is composed of 78% of water depending on body size.

    Whether we believe God or not, His glory reveals that by simple mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen, with perfect atmospheric conditions, He made a compound (H2O) that became a vital part of every life on earth. He made this precious material available at everybody’s home for survival, not by municipal water supply system by pipe line but by vaporization, condensation and precipitations process from main reservoir in ocean to remote area at home hundreds of miles away from ocean without a single pipe.

    Those who do not believe Him, He does not punish them by stop supplying water, like municipality does when their bills are not paid up-to-date. God is merciful and slow to anger as He said in His living words in the Bible. He gave everything, such as worldly knowledge to human to sustain life with out Him and deny Him by choice by shallow reasons. Only time we need Him, when we want to be in holy side of life like Him. Life has two parts dark and light and water besides sustaining life irrespective of “good, bad and ugly” characters but also cleansing tools for soul for all three categories mentioned by Baptism by water and Holy Spirit. Water is a perfect gift of God for our life to sustain as well to stay cool in all time.

  2. Caleb Powers

    Frank, one reason I haven’t been around this summer is that I’ve managed to move twice during that time, and now live out in the country in southern Bourbon County, ten miles or so north of Lexington. And in my neighborhood, rain would be a blessing; it’s still awfully dry here.

  3. Julian Malakar

    Caleb, we wish your new place more fruitful with abundant of rain that good earth could absorb. Your voice on different contemporary social and religious issue represents many people’s mind of our diversified world today. Though time to time it contradicts with mine, but till it is interesting. Welcome!

  4. José

    Welcome back, brother Caleb! I thought maybe you took some time off to work on the Rand Paul campaign.

  5. Caleb Powers

    Nah, Jose, Bro. Rand appears able to give himself that psychotic image we all love in politicians all on his own; I think Jack Conway has made a big mistake in focusing on this Aqua Buddha thing. One of the local bloggers did a joke picture not of Aqua Buddha, but of Aqua Velva Buddha. The Ice Blue version.

    My only political achievement this summer was that I did manage to pull Don Pratt through the primary in the Lexington Fayette Urban County council-at-large race, proving that I love a lost cause as well as anyone. As my favorite recent president, Jed Bartlett said, all actual governing gets done on the local level anyway.

  6. Sophia Katt

    If you are in the need of a little damp, come visit your peeps in Seattle. We even have some rain you can take home with you.


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