Word of the Day: Misotheism

Wednesday, October 13, 2010
By Frank Lockwood

Oxford University Press is releasing a new book November 1, 2010 about misotheism. What is misotheism?
Misotheism is hatred of God or the gods.

The book, by the way, is titled: “Hating God: The Untold Story of Misotheism”, by Bernard Schweizer, a professor at Long Island University.

Misotheism is a far cry from atheism — belief in the inexistence of God. In order to hate something, you’ve got to believe that it exists.

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  1. Caleb Powers

    I thought Misotheism meant the worship of Japanese soup, which shows how much I know about it . . .

  2. Newark Survivor

    Untold story? Good heaven, if any story has been told, told, and told again, it’s the story now given the new name of “misotheism.” John Shelby Spong, apostate “bishop” of the morally-dead Episcopal Diocese of Newark, is a misotheist, and says so in as many words. I’ve been reading his trashy tome, “A New Christianity For a New World,” and can’t decide whether it’s his ignorance or his arrogance that amazes me more. Anyway, he goes on at great length about not being a theist, but believing in something he still calls “God.” Well, at least we have a new word for this oldest of spiritual sicknesses. Christ is risen, flesh and all; rejoice!

  3. José

    I recently came across another interesting word, henotheism. It describes the practice of worshiping a single god while accepting that there are (or could be) other gods. That seems to be the closest term for the Mormon religion.

  4. Caleb Powers

    Newark, why don’t you share with us the exact words, the “in as many words” you refer to, in which John Shelby Spong says he hates God. And no, Newark, I don’t mean giving me your usual gobblespeak about how anyone who disagrees with you hates God. Give me the words actually written by Spong to which you refer, in which he says he hates God “in as many words.”


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