"A New Chapter [11] for Crystal Cathedral"

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
By Frank Lockwood

The Crystal Cathedral has filed for bankruptcy. The Parthenon of Positive Thinking has put a positive spin on its failure to pay its bills, posting a press release on its website, titled “A New Chapter for Crystal Cathedral.

So who was the mastermind behind this fiscal fiasco?

Satan? No.
The Schullers? Nyet.
Nay-sayers and nattering nabobs? Nope.
God? Yep — I think that’s what the Crystal Cathedral press release says:

“We’ve always believed in a big God…a God Who is greater than any problem or challenge we could ever face. Our announcement today to file for the protection of Chapter 11 is just one more chapter in the book that He is continuing to write – and we know that God’s plans are good – we have no doubt His chapter will be good!”

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  1. José

    Quote from senior pastor:
    “…the current Ministry outreach and operations will continue while we address the past due expenses that were incurred in 2009, when budgets could not be cut fast enough…”
    Notice how the first two verbs, which concern positive activities, are in active voice. The second two verbs denote failures and they are in passive voice. Did the debts incur themselves? Did the budgets refuse to cut themselves? The good reverend ain’t saying. This pitiful statement indicates a reluctance to accept responsibility. It is a sign of a leadership that runs from accountability.

  2. Caleb Powers

    Having filed my share of Chapter 11s, I can tell you that, as Jesus predicted, the lawyers will get every penny.


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