In San Joaquin, big win for conservatives, lawyers

Friday, November 19, 2010
By Frank Lockwood

A California appeals court has just handed a resounding victory to conservative Anglicans who broke away from the Episcopal Church USA.

Essentially, the court overturned a lower court ruling that the new liberal cleric (not the old conservative one) is the true leader of Anglicanism in central California.

The opinion does not guarantee victory for conservatives, but it puts them back in the ballgame.

It guarantees that “neutral principles of (secular property, trust and corporate) law” will decide their fate — not canon law or church law.

Who will ultimately end up on top? We’ll know the answer to that after a few years and a few million dollars worth of litigation, I imagine. That’s why the ruling is a stirring, ain’t-America-great, kind of day for the lawyers.

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  1. cheese

    The price of homophobia.

  2. Doing the right thing is our calling from God, as recorded in our holy scripture. Resisting the sexual immorality of the world is task number one for Christian culture.

    Breaking away from a heretical establishment power is never easy. The Anglicans are causing themselves trouble because of their own hierachical structure. If they were congregationalists, there would be no resistance by the dying central bureaucracy.

  3. Caleb Powers

    Justin, breaking away from the establishment is easy: You just say goodbye and leave. What the schismatics want to do is leave, but take the church hierarchy with them, not to mention the silverware.

  4. cheese

    Really, Justin? The first order of business for Christians is making sure they don’t stick their penises in the wrong hole? That’s your number one priority? Gimme a break. Sexual contact is only immoral when it is not mutually agreed to.


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