The Fuhrer’s Favorite Singer Meets His Maker

Friday, January 13, 2012
By Frank Lockwood

How many centuries do you have to spend in purgatory to wash this blight from your soul?

The Forward has an extraordinary story today about the death of Adolf Hitler’s favorite vocal artist. Hitler helped make him rich. He performed at a concentration camp. And — though his wife was Jewish — he maintained a cozy relationship with The Human Personification of Evil throughout World War II.

Johannes Heesters was 108 years old.

2 Responses to “The Fuhrer’s Favorite Singer Meets His Maker”

  1. I think it was the composer of “The Merry Widow” who’s wife was Jewish, not Heesters, but no difference. Neither of them will be missed.

  2. Tregonsee

    And Leni Riefenstahl died at 101. This must be another proof that only the good die young.


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