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  1. One hardly knows what to make of the Tea Party movement, a group of folks who are united by what they oppose but who otherwise generally avoid taking a stand for anything constructive. And while the Teabaggers don’t like to admit it, they have a deep current of bigotry against racial and ethnic minorities. It’s no surprise that one of their leaders would joke about their prejudiced views about racial stereotypes.

  2. On the other hand, I take offense at using the word RETARDED out of appropriate context….if there is one. Nine year olds usually start calling everything “retarded” and it makes me burn,.

  3. Come to think about it,,…minorities don’t own the corner where prejudice and stereotyping lands. Think about it. For every scenario you can name, I can explain how another group has been or goes through the same thing….I have a Black friend I have pointed this out to.

  4. I noted the immature and disrespectful use of the word RETARDED in my post the other day….how 4th grade for this “youngest” elected person or whatever.

  5. Where are the comments where “you say” I have already posted the “immature and disrespectful use of the word RETARDED” by this 21 yr. old elected official?

  6. Where is my post about “retarded” being an immature, inappropriate description to a racist or otherwise remark? This 21 yr. old elected official needs some etiquite training himself. That is fourth grade labelling of EVERYTHING unless I am present!

  7. I have written this at least 5 times. The use of the word RETARDED by the 21 yr. old elected official is EVERY BIT AS INAPPROPRIATE as a racial joke. This is 8 year old immature language…calling everything “retarded”….I think he is the one who should be apologizing to the people who are not as fortunate as he MAY be intellectually.

  8. ok….i see….my comments from the last 72 hrs are still awaiting moderation. COMEON…THIS JERK NEEDS TO KNOW HE MESSED UP.

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