Freelance Writing Basics Wed, 06 May 2020 16:06:54 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Where To Find Sports Writing Jobs Online Wed, 06 May 2020 16:06:54 +0000 Read More]]> The best part about being a writer is that you can always write about your passion no matter what it is. If you’re a lover of sports, you’ll be happy to know that you can get your fair share of the 489 billion dollar industry from online writing. There are several places where you can get a steady flow of freelance writing jobs in the sports niche. However, some sites are better than others. Sticking to the most reputable sports writing sites will help you build your reputation in the writing niche while you make money.

  1. Write Articles On Black Belt Mag
  2. Black Belt is a great place to get freelance writing jobs online in the sports niche. You can get up to $100 for every 1000 words. So, if you write an article of 5000 words, you’ll get about $5000. This is a fair price when you consider what many other websites offer. You’ll be asked to write different martial arts related articles.

  3. Write Articles On Dirt Rag Mag
  4. If you’re interested in mountain biking, you can apply to write related articles on Dirt Rag Mag. You can decide to write reviews on biking equipment, information about trails, and biking competitions. After you have completed the assignment, the site will pay you about $50 for online articles and a little more for print articles.

  5. Write On Gray’s Sporting Journal
  6. Another great place to get sport writing gigs is Gray’s Sporting Journal. The platform covers fishing and hunting writing gigs. Depending on the length and complexity of the article, you’ll get between $100 and $1250. While the platform focuses primarily on hunting and fishing sports, you can also submit poems and other creative content.

  7. Write On SBNation
  8. This is one of the few online sports platforms that offer options for different types of sports writing. There is a place for football writers, UFC writers, basketball writers, hockey writers, baseball writers, etc. If you’re interested in writing on this platform, check out the contact information on the website and pitch your writing ideas.

  9. Write On FanSided
  10. This online magazine is for any writer who likes basketball. As a writer on FanSided, you’ll write articles based on your passion and level of experience. They prefer writers who are interested in high-level NBA basketball. You’ll be required to write a minimum of eight articles monthly. This platform only accepts writers who are at least 18 years old. They don’t just work with freelancers, they also have permanent employees who get flat rates. Some others get paid on a revenue-sharing basis.

  11. Write On Athlon Sports
  12. Anyone who loves to write about football can apply to write on Athlon Sports. It is the sports branch of Athlon Media Group. There isn’t any information about payment on the website. However, it is always ready to offer paid contributors to money for high-quality content. Make sure you express yourself accurately during the application.

Whether you’re interested in online writing or online editing jobs in the sports niche, you can apply for freelance writing jobs on any of the six platforms above.

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4 Best Tips On How To Make Money Online Wed, 06 May 2020 15:53:44 +0000 Read More]]> How much time do you spend connected to the internet daily? How many internet-enabled devices do you have? What do you do each time you visit the internet? Do you shop online or visit social media? What if you could spend your time online making money passively or actively? There are many ways to make money online if you’re interested. You can search for writing jobs and make money as a freelance writer. Across the globe, writers get paid millions yearly for editing jobs and online writing jobs. However, there are many other things you can do to make money online. Irrespective of what you are doing online, you need to take extra precautions to keep yourself safe.

  1. Work Through A Platform
  2. If someone who you’ve never met decides to defraud you online, it’s going to be difficult to track the person. This is why it’s always a good idea to work through a secure platform. Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and Guru provide clients and freelancers with a safe environment to conduct business transactions. Payment is made through a third-party service like escrow and a percentage of the payment is collected by the platform providing the environment.

  3. If You Have A Blog, Install Google Adsense
  4. Most writers have blogs. Having a blog is a good way to generate income online. Thousands of advertising platforms offer bloggers money to display ads. Your first option should be Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the most popular advertising network for good reason. The platform is secure and the payout is much higher than what other networks offer. True, Google Adsense may have stricter requirements than other networks. However, it is going to be worth it in the end. The more quality traffic you receive, the more money you will earn on AdSense.

  5. Cash Out On YouTube
  6. YouTube is the most popular platform for video blogging. As a YouTuber, you can earn millions of dollars yearly by posting videos and enabling the monetization option. All you have to do is create interesting videos and build your online audience. The more people visit your channel and watch your video, the more money you will earn. If you own a blog, you can generate content about your video and post it on your blog. There is a feature that allows you to embed YouTube videos directly on your blog.

  7. Become A Social Media Influencer
  8. You don’t need any special skills to make a living as a social media influencer. All you need is charisma. If you’re a funny person who has a lot of followers on social media, you can become an influencer who gets paid to publish sponsored posts. The amount of money you earn depends on your location, your online reputation and the company interested in your services. Usually, the more reputable you are, the more money you’ll earn.

Finally, always remember that making money online doesn’t happen overnight. You will need to be patient and persevere if you want to build a solid reputation and make a lot of money online.

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Reliable Sources of Freelance Academic Writing Jobs Wed, 06 May 2020 15:43:00 +0000 Read More]]> Do you want to secure highly rewarding academic writing jobs from reliable sources? Take note; the word “reliable” is critical. The reason is that there are myriads of sources out there considered as scams. After spending hours to conduct research and writing, most of these platforms end up not paying their writers.

The truth is, academic writing jobs are highly demanding. Most academic topics you will come across may even make you want to give up. But the good thing about the academic writing niche is that one could earn handsomely in the niche. You have to be a good writer and ensure you are working with a reliable source.

So, if you are an academic writer seeking online writing jobs in the academic writing niche, here’s what you need to understand about finding reliable sources.

  1. Essay writing service providers
  2. There are numerous essay writing services out there. These platforms help students and interested persons with multiple writing tasks. You will also find that most of them are only into academic writing, while some offer numerous writing services.

    However, whether a writing service is offering only academic writing services or not, is of no importance to you. Your only concern is how reliable the company is.

    Now, the one thing that differentiates a reliable source from an unreliable source is reputation. The former is in the business for the long haul and understands what having a good reputation means for the survival of the company.

    Negative reviews or comments by people who have worked there or tested their services might cripple their business. They are aware of that, and so are always eager to do things right.

    Furthermore, a writing service isn’t reliable won’t care about building a good reputation. Look carefully, and you will find tons of negative reviews and comments about them online. These reviews could be from other writers who have gotten scammed by them.

    So, before you sign up or start applying for freelance writing jobs on any academic writing service, make sure you have done thorough research about the company.

  3. Freelance writing platforms
  4. If you have excellent academic writing skills, another reliable source with writing and academic editing jobs is freelance platforms. There are myriads of such platforms out there. And the good thing about these platforms is that they have a solid structure in place to tackle scams.

    When you work for clients on any of these freelance platforms, you are confident of getting paid once the project is complete. Many of the freelance platforms support milestones payment and hourly rates with payment protection for freelancers. You can search online and start applying for academic writing jobs that suit your writing skills.


Academic writing is another booming niche for freelance writers. So, if you have the skills, then start applying for jobs. However, it would help to figure out if your proposed employers are reliable. You don’t want to spend hours writing and not get paid at the end of the day. So, before you start working for that essay writing service or freelance platform, be sure that they are reliable.

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Pros And Cons Of Working As A Freelance Writer Wed, 18 Apr 2018 08:26:38 +0000 Read More]]> If you’re thinking about becoming a freelance writer there are pros and cons you should know about. Finding a suitable freelance writing job online is a common task among practicing freelancers. Being a writer is a great opportunity that has many rewards, but there are downsides to know about to help you prepare. Understanding pros and cons is important because you can make adjustments to your work needs as necessary. While there are plenty of pros and cons to know here are a few of the most significant points to know for freelancers.

Work Remotely
Freelancers are able to work anywhere suitable to help them work. You can choose to work from home, your favorite coffee shop, the library, or anywhere that helps inspire your writing. You can create your own work environment and have your own space to complete projects whenever you want. In most cases, you don’t have to worry about arriving somewhere on time, just make sure you have an internet connection where you choose to work and you’re good to go.

Ability to Work Different Projects
When reviewing a freelance writing job description you may learn you can take on more than one project depending on time availability and client needs. Taking on multiple assignments is a great way to earn more money, but also you can explore one or more niches and exercise your skills while encouraging productivity. It is also helps with gaining experience you can use to obtain other writing opportunities. Having different jobs keeps writing interesting. You can even become a paper writing pro.

Time Is Needed to Find Clients
New and seasoned freelancers may experience slow periods obtaining work. Some niches have an abundance of freelance writing jobs but sometimes the opportunities are scarce. It can take days or weeks to find clients so it’s important to know other actions you can do when things are slow. Blog writing, making improvements to your proposal, and working on ideas to pitch to publications are a few things freelancers do to keep busy until paid work is available.

Earnings Fluctuate
Whether you’re seeking opportunities as an advanced writer or freelance writing jobs online for beginners, you may experience changes in income earnings based on factors such as job availability and scheduling. Income changes are due to lack in consistency of available jobs. Having a budget and saving up earnings can help make money stretch. Learn about local sources providing assistance and get tips from other writers on what they do to make ends meet.

Knowing pros and cons as a freelancer helps prepare for the career. You have an idea of what problems you could experience, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities to improve your skills and overall potential. Being able to work anywhere and work multiple jobs are pros many writers enjoy. Seeking clients and changes in income are cons writers admit are challenging, but know in the end it’s worth it because it’s a part of something they love to do.

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Tips For A Freelance Writer On How To Find Inspiration Mon, 16 Apr 2018 08:11:03 +0000 Read More]]> While working a freelance writing job you may need inspiration to help you write. Sometimes you need something to get creative juices flowing when staring at a blank page. Or, you need something to help you finish what you started because you get stuck half-way through the process (writer’s block). Fortunately, there are many ways writers can get inspired to write and in many cases, they don’t have to go far to find it. Here are a few places to look for inspiration when seeking ideas for writing.

Read Blogs
One of the fastest ways to get inspiration for writing is by visiting blogs. You’ll find plenty of blogs related to content you’re writing about. Visit blogs of fellow writers or blogs providing detailed insight on the topic you’re researching. Reading a post or two could spark some original ideas to help you start writing. Make a list of blogs for future reference by bookmarking them. You can also review content you wrote in the past or comments people mentioned about your work.

Visit Forums
Different types of forums can offer inspiration for writing such as forums for freelance writing jobs, forums on personal interests, and even forums on social media meant for venting or sharing concerns. Seek forums related to the topic you’re researching. Read questions and answers provided by others. Reading these details may help originate new ideas for writing. Plus, you learn from a reader’s perspective on what people want to know about the topic or subject.

Listen to Music
Do you listen to music while writing? Your favorite songs can spark ideas on what to write. Music lyrics can help you get in a frame of mind creatively to start writing ideas. Music can help calm you and help clear your mind. Choose instrumental music or look up music lyrics online to mediate on until inspiration hits. Seek tips from song writers on what they do when looking for inspiration.

Writers via Writing Groups
Many writers seeking freelance writing jobs abroad or seeking writing advice from writers working abroad may turn to writing groups for inspiration. Look for writing groups that offer ideas, tips, and advice to fellow writers. Use social media to help you search. Consider starting one if you can’t find something related to your interests.

People You Know
Depending on what your writing about you may get ideas from people you know such as friends or family. Talk to people you trust about what you’re working on and get their perspective. You may find some of their ideas useful in crafting original content for your work. Contact dissertation writers. This is probably the most complicated job in writing, so they surely know where to get inspiration from.

Inspiration is available in different places when you explore what is around you. Whether you’re seeking freelance writing jobs for beginners or ways to start a new project, there are many sources available to give you needed motivation for your work. Using blogs, music, forums, and people you know are easy places to start and before you know it inspiration will hit you.

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