Freelance Writing for Starters

Starting is often the most challenging phase, but it gets easier once you get out of the blocks.  Starting a job leaves you with so many doubts and questions. If you have never written an article, you will most likely have many questions about writing and what it entails. The challenge of starting a work comes mostly from the fear of failing. We wonder if our article will be captivating enough, if people will like it or not, among other fears. For a start, understand that even the best of the best started somewhere, if not worse than you.

 To start out as a freelance writer, you do not need a burdensome amount of money or resources. Here’s what you need: 

  • a computer that is reliable and has updated software to prevent glitches 
  • a proficient level of writing in the English language; reflects your level of professionalism 
  • a standard freelance writer’s portfolio
  • an official means of communication like an e-mail address, a spacious workspace, or a clean environment; for convenience 
  • a reliable medium of payment 
  • a clearly defined goal 
  • to be focused and organized
  • a positive mindset to work. 

If you have previously written work with positive feedback, include a link to it on your freelance writer’s portfolio to attract more clients. Also, include in your portfolio a compelling reason why you write or are into freelance writing.

Moreover, to attract a specific kind of client, you need to carve a unique niche for yourself in that area. For example, when you hear the name Kobe Bryant, what comes to your mind? Basketball, of course! This is what sets you apart in the freelance writing business. If you want to be known for creative story writing, clarify that in your portfolio and stick strictly to it, regardless of what clients wish you could delve into. It not only earns your popularity but also respect from clients. To gain more clients, create a blog or website, and post your writings on it regularly. When people see the quality work you do consistently, they either consciously or unconsciously trust you in that specific field. Even if they do not presently need your service, your name will ring a bell in their head when they eventually do. 

Establishing a consistent online presence will also aid your visibility online. This is the power of social media today. You may be miles and continents apart from a potential client who might have come across your business page on a social media platform. Sometimes, you may not know that people are taking notice of your business by being consistent with offering value. You can just wake up one day to receive dozens of orders from people you have never worked with.


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