Tips to Overcome Fears of Ageism in Freelancing

Ageism is a primary concern of most freelance writers. But if truth be told, this is the beauty of this job. Any person belonging to any age group can work as a freelancer, whether retired or laid off from work after a long time.

So, if you are worrying that you have come of age and it’s late for you to find a job, get over this notion. This article will further throw light on how you can overcome these fears and get great clients.

Change your Perception

The primary thing you need to do to overcome ageism fears to change the mindset that you will not get a job if you are old or inexperienced in the field. Indeed experience matters, but not as much as a willingness of a person.

While hiring a freelancer, the prospects are not thinking about the age or the productive years that he has ahead of him. So, if you are assuming that the ageism factor exists in freelancing as in the corporates, you are getting it the wrong way.

Capitalize your Age

Companies and publications that serve older people need your expertise the most. Companies with a serious marketing budget often prefer people as writers who have also been their customers as they have better knowledge.

For instance, if we talk about health and wellness insurers, providers, and consultants, they have given their services to old age people. Since you know their services and policies better, why wouldn’t they think of hiring you?

Do Not Chase Startups

If you wish to earn pro-rates, avoid chasing bootstrap startups and websites like Craigslist ads or UpWork. Hanging around these can discourage you as they offer tiny rates, and as a result, you will be compelled to go through the trauma of ageism all over again.

Instead, search for magazines or businesses that you might pitch within your niche and earn top dollar. The clients love to work with accomplished writers and are least concerned with their age.


How you market, yourself matters the most as it shows if the client can rely on you. In fact, you have the freedom if you want to reveal your real age or not. You can also post pictures on your social media while at the beach or holidaying to appear exciting and modern.

Moreover, subscribe to some websites that can teach you the current style and pattern of writing. Study their newsletters and practice the format to show that you have the knowledge and are capable of holding the position. Lastly, keep your LinkedIn profile updated.

Stop Blaming your Age

There are already enough excuses to procrastinate and give up on your dreams like the economy, living in a small town, and the most recent one, “Coronavirus.” So, do not make age another excuse for not taking action and building the business.

Age is the last factor that anyone would consider while hiring a freelancer. Therefore, stop telling yourself that you are old and will not find a suitable job.

Summing Up

Ageism can be a real thing in full-time jobs, but anyone hardly gives it a thought when it comes to freelancing. Therefore, follow the tips mentioned above and try to boost your self-confidence to get the dream job.

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