Reliable Sources of Freelance Academic Writing Jobs

Do you want to secure highly rewarding academic writing jobs from reliable sources? Take note; the word “reliable” is critical. The reason is that there are myriads of sources out there considered as scams. After spending hours to conduct research and writing, most of these platforms end up not paying their writers.

The truth is, academic writing jobs are highly demanding. Most academic topics you will come across may even make you want to give up. But the good thing about the academic writing niche is that one could earn handsomely in the niche. You have to be a good writer and ensure you are working with a reliable source.

So, if you are an academic writer seeking online writing jobs in the academic writing niche, here’s what you need to understand about finding reliable sources.

  1. Essay writing service providers
  2. There are numerous essay writing services out there. These platforms help students and interested persons with multiple writing tasks. You will also find that most of them are only into academic writing, while some offer numerous writing services.

    However, whether a writing service is offering only academic writing services or not, is of no importance to you. Your only concern is how reliable the company is.

    Now, the one thing that differentiates a reliable source from an unreliable source is reputation. The former is in the business for the long haul and understands what having a good reputation means for the survival of the company.

    Negative reviews or comments by people who have worked there or tested their services might cripple their business. They are aware of that, and so are always eager to do things right.

    Furthermore, a writing service isn’t reliable won’t care about building a good reputation. Look carefully, and you will find tons of negative reviews and comments about them online. These reviews could be from other writers who have gotten scammed by them.

    So, before you sign up or start applying for freelance writing jobs on any academic writing service, make sure you have done thorough research about the company.

  3. Freelance writing platforms
  4. If you have excellent academic writing skills, another reliable source with writing and academic editing jobs is freelance platforms. There are myriads of such platforms out there. And the good thing about these platforms is that they have a solid structure in place to tackle scams.

    When you work for clients on any of these freelance platforms, you are confident of getting paid once the project is complete. Many of the freelance platforms support milestones payment and hourly rates with payment protection for freelancers. You can search online and start applying for academic writing jobs that suit your writing skills.


Academic writing is another booming niche for freelance writers. So, if you have the skills, then start applying for jobs. However, it would help to figure out if your proposed employers are reliable. You don’t want to spend hours writing and not get paid at the end of the day. So, before you start working for that essay writing service or freelance platform, be sure that they are reliable.

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